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The Star Wars mural seen on the side of our building was painted on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of May, 2005 and an article was featured in the Ithaca Journal about it.

We had just purchased the business on Monday, the 17th and happened to be working on the weekend, when we noticed there were people in the side lot. When we went out to see if we could help them with something, we found they were painting over the old mural.

When we asked, we were told they had an agreement with the previous owner that they could use this wall of the building as a creative outlet for their artistic skills, which we didn't object to at all, but did make sure to ask them what they planned on painting this time. Since it was a family friendly theme, we told them to proceed.

After a few questions, we learned that they were old friends who had gotten back together from various locations across the United States, and some had come from as far away as the mid west. Unfortunately, due to distance and likely, the priorities of life, they have not been back since then and the mural is cracking and peeling and will, eventually, have to be removed.



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