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Some of the conveniences our customers tell us they appreciate...

  • We are your one stop shop-- from performing factory maintenances & diagnosing check engine lights & other warning lights, to exhaust & brake work, fitting your car with new tires, performing lube, oil & filter service, as well as New York State inspections, and many minor services can be performed while you wait.
  • A courtesy 27-Point Vehicle Inspection is performed initially & then periodically, while your vehicle is in for a service or repair, to assist in keeping your vehicle SAFE & RELIABLE year round and help avoid emergency roadside break downs. 
  • We reduce your total car care cost through individualized evaluation of repairs and preventative maintenance, no "one size fits all" service menu. Plus, we use inclusive estimation (this includes ALL of the parts typically needed to complete the repair correctly) so you know what to expect up front.
  • The value we place on your understanding of the whys and hows of services performed on your car. You can expect detailed documentation on our repair orders and answers to any questions.
  • Many services can be performed while you wait in our comfortable waiting area with WIFI & a desktop PC, or go for a walk along the inlet, to Wegman's,  Greenstar, or one of the many other places to visit nearby.
  • NEW in 2009-- Computerized Repair Order System with a web based Customer/Vehicle Service Program that allows you to access your vehicle history, recommended maintenance schedule, promotions & coupons, a pre-appointment advisor guide and also have the ability to make appointments, all from the same web site!
  • A "Show & Tell" with replaced parts is available for all repairs performed on your vehicle.
  • NY State Inspection reminders are sent out the month before your vehicle is due (avoid costly tickets).
  • mapWe are conveniently located behind Wegman's, near the end of Cecil A. Malone Drive at 130 Cherry Street, Ithaca, New York, within walking distance of many stores & eateries. Call us at 607-272-7313.


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If we'd listened to the market research, we'd have never done the MINI. --Jack Pitney, President of BMW's MINI Group in North America, 2005.

AJ Foreign Auto

130 Cherry Street (Behind Wegmans)
Ithaca, NY 14850
Business Hours: Call for appointment
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