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David, the business owner, has become known to many as our "Automotive Guru", including many local repair shops who send their customers to us when it comes to diagnostic issues. 

Because of new technologies, automotive conveniences and luxuries have become more and more advanced over the last decade, and consequently, the computerized electronic systems that keep everything running smoothly have become more and more complicated and require more and more complex equipment and skills to accurately diagnose and correct problems. Having the right equipment and, more importantly, the knowledge of how to correctly utilize the equipment to retrieve the pertinent data is paramount.

We have some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment & training, the best on-line, subscription based, industry exclusive information systems, extensive diagnostic knowledge & decades of trouble-shooting experience.

Our extensive diagnostic equipment collection includes, but is not limited to; A factory Tech II scan tool with GM & Saab software compatible up to 2009, VAG-COM factory equivelent scan tool with VW/Audi software compatible up to 2009, Snap-On MODUS scan tool with European & American software, LAUNCH factory equivelent scan tool with capabilities for data retrieval on various car lines, AST Retriever scan tool with BMW & VW software, a Smoke Machine for evaporative leak testing, an up to date Air Conditioning R134 evacuation & recovery system, and an electronic charging system/battery testing unit.




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