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Another "Excellence in Service"  feature that our customers enjoy...

In order to assist you in keeping your vehicles Safe & Reliable year round, and to help avoid emergency road side breakdowns, we perform a courtesy 27-Point Inspection on your initial visit and then periodically, when your car is in for a service or repair, and give you a copy of our findings.

Below are the 27 items that are inspected:

  1. Tire Wear / Condition Front27 pt inspection sheet
  2. Tire Wear / Condition Rear
  3. Drive Shaft Joint Boots
  4. Condition of McPherson Struts
  5. Condition of Rear Shock Absorbers
  6. Condition of Front Brakes
  7. Condition of Rear Brakes
  8. Brake, Hydraulic System (fluid, visual check)
  9. Emergency Brake Adjustment
  10. Clutch Adjustment
  11. Clutch Hydraulic System
  12. Condition of Muffler / Exh. Pipes
  13. Engine and Transmission Oil
  14. Condition of Drive Belts
  15. Drive Belts Adjustment
  16. Condition of Radiator / Coolant
  17. Condition of Radiator Hoses
  18. Condition of Heater Hoses
  19. Condition of Battery / Cables
  20. Condition of Spark Plug / Wires
  21. Condition of Air / Fuel Filters
  22. Condition of Wiper Blades
  23. Head Light Operation
  24. Stop, Tail, Turn Signal Lights
  25. Heater / AC Operation
  26. Restraint System
  27. Other


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