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1 What is in gasoline that clogs my injectors? 11773
2 Pro's & Con's of TPMS 4217
3 How can I avoid CO poisoning from my car or truck? 3165
4 Tire Tips and Information 3384
5 10 Things You May Not Know About Your Car 2887
6 Top 5 Reasons Why The Police Will Pull You Over While Driving 5626
7 To drive or not to drive, (an overheated engine) that is the question! 25596
8 How to test and maintain your tires 3775
9 Who Says Fuel Additives Are Important To Your Engine? 13379
10 BMW- Race Video & Funny Commercials, Best Collection, Trivia & Acronym 4173
11 Famous MINI's, Dog Driving on Video & MINI Trivia Quiz 4020
12 Why would you pay to diagnose a check engine light? 6674
13 Forbes; 5 Dos And Don'ts When Dealing With An Auto Mechanic 4008
14 How Often Do I Really Need To Have My Vehicles Engine Oil Changed? 7891
15 How a fraction of an inch can save a life! 8891
16 Oil lamp warning light meanings - stop or keep driving? 7481
17 How can I save money on gas? 4014
18 Why are some shop's "Brake Job's" cheap (ie; $89), while other's are higher? A.K.A., What You Should Know About a "Brake Job" 8219
19 Why Does My Car Repair Cost So Much? 6044
20 How Can We Help You Avoid Being Pulled Over? 8089
21 What do the warning lights on my dash mean? 9556
22 What's Inspected During A NY State Inspection? 60020
23 To snow tire, or not to snow tire, that is the question! 3152
24 Can I Use 2 Snow Tires Instead of 4 To Save Money? 3653
25 What can effect Fuel Economy by up to 40%? 10852
26 Could Correct Tire Pressure Save 250 Lives A Year? Why is tire pressure so important? 18160
27 Can I increase my fuel economy by up to 30%? 6177
28 What Warranty Do You Offer? 4751
29 Is it safe to switch from regular motor oil to a full synthetic or a blend? 84388
30 My car is not running. Can you tow my vehicle or do you make "house calls"? 15205
31 Why should I come to you for service work rather than the dealer for my car's brand? 6631
32 Can I wait while you work on my car? 5114
33 If I leave my car, can I get a ride? 4846
34 What are your payment terms? 5090
35 Do I need an appointment? 5956
36 Why is our oil change service different? 6489
37 How often do I need to service my car? 6133
38 Why come to you and not someone else? 6874
39 What services do you perform? 4995
40 How can I find AJ Foreign Auto? 4972
41 How can I schedule my car for service work at AJ Foreign Auto? 5954


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Let a man find himself, in distinction from others, on top of two wheels with a chain-at least in a poor country like Russia-and his vanity begins to swell out like his tyres. In America it takes an automobile to produce this effect. --Leon Trotsky (1879-1940), Russian revolutionary. The History of the Russian Revolution, vol. 2, ch. 7 (1933).

AJ Foreign Auto

130 Cherry Street (Behind Wegmans)
Ithaca, NY 14850
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8:00 - 5:00
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